Sunday, November 23, 2008

Celebrity Gift Suggestions: Kenny Rogers

Ho, ho, fricken ho. As the first snow is decorating the roofs I can see from my window, I decided to give the gift of inspired ideas this holiday season to the many families of celebrities I am sure are reading my blog.

It must be hard when you have to buy something for somebody who has everything. I know Oprah said she really loved the Lalique decanter that Luther Vandross gave her a few years ago, but are we really sure she did not use it as a gravy boat because she already had fourteen others?

So this year, at absolutely no cost to the public, I am presenting gift ideas for celebrities on my blog.

First off is that icon of country and pop music, one of the most successful recording artists of all time, Kenny Rogers.

For Kenny, I suggest his family buy the book How to Fold by Pepin Press:

Kenny has known for years when to fold 'em. It's about time he learned how to fold 'em, too.

How to Fold is a whopping 432 pages and comes with a CD ROM. It's available for less than 20 bucks from good book stores or online. Are you reading, Rogers family??

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