Saturday, August 11, 2007

What, you were expecting compassion?

Cecil Howard Sinclair spent many years in the service of his country, but there will be no service in his memory at the "High Point" mega church in Arlington, Texas because the Navy Veteran who served in Desert Storm was also gay. As MSNBC and the Houston Chronicle report, "High Point" reached a moral low point when they first agreed to do the service, then embarrassed and spat in the face of Sinclair's grieving family, all the while claiming "It's not that we didn't love the family." They just can't be seen to show compassion to a man who had a loving relationship to another man, nor to his family. The shameful pastor in question is Gary Simons, brother in law of Joel Osteen, of the enormous Lakewood Church in Houston, America's largest church.

I am no Christian, but it seems to be quite clear that you can't be much further removed from the teachings of Jesus Christ than some of those mega churches. Somebody call Prince, there're Thieves in the Temple tonight.


rev said...

*shakes head*

James Figueiredo said...

That is *really* revolting, isn't it, Chris?
I'm trying really hard here to fathom what kind of gall is necessary to walk up to the relatives of a dead person and plain tell them you *won't* conduct his funeral rites at your church because he was gay, and have a nice evening.

Hope thing are well with you, man. :^)