Friday, August 29, 2008

When the Pen Is Not Mightier...

So. You thought you'd get through this election season without me blogging about it, didn't you?

Well, think again, Chester! Never let it be said that the4thpip stood idly by as ruthless politicians mistreated grammar.

Yes: I said grammar. And yes, this is about John McCain. But it is not about the fact that all of his sentences have the structure verb/noun/P.O.W.

It's about this pen, available from his official campaign store (thanks to Infra-Man for posting this out to me at YABS):

I guess that's what you get when you have your merchandise produced on the cheap in Asia. Or maybe it is to imply that learning impaired students support McCain?

Anyway, it seems horribly unpatriotic to mistreat your native language with unnecessary apostrophes. I hope we soon will get to see a Democratic ad that ends with the lines: "John McCain. Wrong on Grammar. Wrong for America."

I am the4thpip and I approve and proof-read this message.

Also, as John McCain has a lot to learn in spite of being 200 years old, here is somebody whose drinking has probably made Cindy McCain a nice bundle of money over the past few years - Amy Winehouse, with "Teach me Tonight."

Update: It seems somebody at the campaign read this and fixed the spelling on the image posted at the online store. Of course, if they already have 300 boxes in stock, that won't help them much.

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