Saturday, May 08, 2010

60K of Florida Taxpayers' Money went to Very Gay Anti-Gay Activist for Acting Like an Anti-Gay Douche

Florida Attorney General Bill "Gollum" McCollum wasted something between $60,900 and $87,000 to the previously mentioned closet case hateful bigot, George Reker. I guess which figure you come up with depends on whether you include the tax-exempt rent boy allowance.

McCollum invested that money in his precioussssssss pure bigotry, getting the very gay Reker to give his "expert's" opnion on why gay people make horrible, horrible adoptive parents on par with Catholic priests. Never mind that anyone but the mouth-breathing Bill McCollum would have realized that in light of all the peer-reviewed studies on the subject and the APA's statements on the issue, any sane judge would do what the judge did here and throw out Reker's self-hating hack job testimony.

McCollum should pay taxpayers back out of his own pocket, and George Reker needs to face up to his self hatred and Shame, Shame, Shame and admit that is him in the white suit in that clip.

Update: The Miami Herald even puts the number at $ 120,000!


James Figueiredo said...

Hi, Chris!

Man, I hear stories like Reker's and Roy Ashburn's, and I just want to punch those queens in the face!

Dan Savage reveals that Reker is, himself, an adoptive father - And yet he actively sought to destroy and break apart gay families in Florida, with his "expert" testimonies.

I hope de DA responsible for hiring him (at such a steep fee) gets all the hell possible from his constituents!

Also, nice of you to drop by my blog, man, you should pop up more often! Hope life's been treating you well, Herr Weber! :)


P.S.: Are you on Facebook?

the4thpip said...

Nope, I tend to avoid facebook.