Monday, March 26, 2007

Dale Eaglesham

Dale Eaglesham is a heck of a nice guy, an incredible artist and a dyed-in-the-wool professional. After being a well-kept secret in the industry for almost 20 years (his first Marvel work on Conan was in 1986), people finally took notice in a big way with Green Lantern a few years ago, then Sigil (which was cut short due to CrossGen painful implosion), H-E-R-O, the mega-hit Villains United and now one of my favorite super hero franchises, Justice Society of America.

And Dale's art has rarely looked better than in Issue 4. While Art Thibert was the bigger name as far as inkers go, Ruy Jose's style just meshes much better with Dale's. So if you think you know Dale's art from his Green Lantern days, have another look.

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James Figueiredo said...

Howdy, Chris!

So you got yourself a blog too, huh? Cool!

I don't know if ou remember, but I was not a big fan of Dale Eaglesham's work. I gotta say, though, that his work on JSA has completely changed my mind about his craft, he's been turning some EXCELENT pages in that book. There's a big page of Mr. America in #2, I think, that looks awesome, and his work with Red Tornado's granddaughter's facial expression is priceless!