Sunday, January 17, 2010

Comic Book Artist ChrisCross is a Heartless Ingrate

ChrisCross (born as Christopher Williams, not to be confused with the musician he wisely picked an alias that is also used by a musician) owes his career to gay characters and gay and gay-friendly creators.

His breakthrough work came on Blood Syndicate, a series created by liberal Dwayne McDuffie and brought to critical acclaim by gay writer Ivan Velez, Jr, who also drew and wrote the great "Tales of the Closet."

ChrisCross went on to draw Captain Marvel for gay-friendly Peter A. David's scripts, a series featuring a lesbian relationship. After he did not get what he wanted from DC on the then new Firestorm series, he went on to draw one of comicdom's most famous gay heroes, the Midnighter, who happens to be married to his teammate Apollo.

All of that did not stop ChrisChross from voting for Proposition 8 and hiding behind his bible to defend that shameful human rights violation, as told by one of his facebook contacts here.

When said contact told him he could no longer be his fan in light of his hateful actions, this was ChrisCross' reply:

Glad to hear that. I"m proud of my vote. Only i'm not hating. Read First Timothy in the Bible, my brother. Then ask me why i voted that way. I'm a Christian, and i stand what God stands for, not society. And i'm not impressed or DEpressed by your disappointment. But i'm glad you were a fan.

Always remember to add a smiley face to your bigotry, kids!

As a black man, ChrisCross should realize that the same kind of politically motivated interpretation of obscure bible passages has been used by other hate groups to oppose interracial marriage.

As a creator who might be drawing portraits on a sidewalk for a nickel if it wasn't for the gay community, he should just keep his pie hole shut about his own bigotry at the very least.


J.R. LeMar said...

As the Facebook Contact mentioned in this blog, I'll give a tad more background. There's some guy out here in Cali who is trying to get a proposition on the ballot that would outlaw divorce. I'd heard about this a few weeks ago. It's a brilliant strategy, in my opinion, to highlight the hypocrisy of the anti-gay marriage crowd. If they want to "protect" marriage, then they should want to outlaw divorce, right?

Well, Cross posted a link to a news story about it, saying he didn't understand what this was about it. So I said "All the idiots who voted for Prop 8 better support this, too."

And he wrote "I'm one of the idiots who voted for Prop. 8."
And that's when I told him I was done with him, and deleted him. I hadn't even looked back until I posted on YABS, and someone said I should have asked for his reasons.

I checked, and his page is public, so if you're on Facebook you can see it, even if he's not on your friend list. That's when I saw his direct response to me, and there were also about 30 follow-up comments along the lines of "Good for you, Chris!/More Christians need to stand up for Christ, and not back down!" etc. etc. There was even the obligatory comparison of gay marriage to polygamy. It's pathetic.

Matt Wayne said...

ChrisCross lives in New Jersey. So he didn't vote for Prop 8.

J.R. LeMar said...

Well, that's what he said. Maybe he just meant that he supports it.

Wonder Man said...

I can't believe he said that! Fool!

Son of Baldwin said...

Pip, you were MUCH nicer in your article than I was in mine.

J.R. LeMar said...

Well, I see no reason for taking shots @ his physical appearance. His attitude is all the reason needed to condemn him. And, as I mentioned on YABS, he would probably try to argue that his work on comics with gay characters is proof that he's not really a bigot. He has no problem with gays (probably has that "hate the sin, love the sinner" mentality) he just doesn't want them to be able to get married, because "marriage" is sacred, blah blah blah. Whatever.

Ivan Velez Jr. said...

Well, he still drew the most beautiful gay characters I ever saw in comics. Fade. Oro. Donner & Blitzen. And many more, I'm sure.

the4thpip said...

Ivan Velez posted on my blog!
When are we getting more "Tales from the Closet"??

Ivan Velez Jr. said...

working on it now

J.R. LeMar said...

God, this reminds me of how much I f***ing loved Blood Syndicate!

hobomystical said...

i like his work. and apparently he likes the fact that he can make money off of something his god supposedly doesn't like, but when it comes to actually giving rights to people he feels it violates his beliefs.

'christians' - and i AM one - can really make me sick sometimes. too often they confuse their personal beliefs with societal rules and laws. not once did his jesus say that people should be denied equal rights because they didn't believe what he espoused. (in fact, quite the opposite. and funny enough, the main target of his critiques was the 'religious' people who stuck too much to the letter of the law and not the spirit of the law.)

christians forget about fairness and justice, things their god also equally espouses. furthermore, allowing someone to get married (which can happen in civil court instead of a church, so really there should be no violation of a person's religious beliefs) doesn't mean you support the people but that you support equality and fairness, whether you believe what they are doing is right or not.

christian are so quick to keep so many other people down and disenfranchised under the guise of 'standing up for christ'. what they so easily forget is that when their rights are taken away they are the first to bitch, moan, bellyache, and have illegal prayer meetings on government property.

not voting for equality and fairness, regardless of their personal beliefs, underscores their hypocrisy and does more to damage what they claim to stand for than to support it. morever, it forces a group of people to suffer under their religious belief system, which is actually another form of relgious persecution. (and from a spiritual perspective, i know a lof of people who have been so hurt by what christians have done that they have turned their backs on god completely. how is that 'standing up for christ' when the very people they are supposed to be reaching they are turning away in droves?)

it seems mr. chriscross forgot about matthew 7:12 (do to others what you want them to do to you) and mark 12:17 (give to caesar what is caesar's and give to god what is god's). marriage does not have to solely be a religious institution, and has been both a religious and *societal* institution for ages. societies should function under fairness and equality regardless of the people's individual religious beliefs. (to be sure, no society should function under religious authority unless it can be totally and absolutely guaranteed that every member of that society fully believes in and espouses that religious authority. and that, dear friend, is certainly not america.) no religious belief should interfere with the proper functioning of government.

and if christians don't like the word 'marriage' being used to define same sex couples, then why not bitch about the fact that society has co-opted that word for their own uses in the first place? if society has their version of the word in use then they have the right to change the meaning of it, and it should have no bearing whatsoever on how religious institutions use it. 'marriage' is not a word or institution on loan from religious groups and it doesn't function in society by their leave.

really, what the fuck is wrong with the world?

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to say hi :)

kaioni said...

I stumbled on your blog randomly, I think from likinga signature quoting Desmond Tutu.
This is a great post, along with many others!!
"Christianity" is nuts & the Servez-vous poster is spot on!
Anyway, keep it up & thank you.

Anonymous said...

Remember it once and for all!

Anonymous said...

Family Guy

michael davis said...

ChrisCross? I've known, ChrisCross for many years. He's got a lot of heart. But more than that...

ChrisCross will make you...JUMP, JUMP! ChrisCross will make you, JUMP, JUMP!